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Author-Dorcas C. Chandler

Dorcas Non-Profit Community Computer School:

 X-Cell Community Services, Inc., began as an idea in the mind of Dorcas Chandler, Chief Executive Officer.  She met a man one-day at a temporary agency who was applying for a janitorial position.  All he wanted to do was find a job, any job, so that he could support his family.  However, in this computer age, the temporary agencies do all of their testing on computers.  This man was lost.  He had no computer skills.

  Dorcas, who has always had a desire to help people, was moved deeply by this man - a stranger to her.  She could feel his frustration, caused by his lack of computer knowledge.  It made her think about the many people in today’s society who lack the basic computer knowledge that could get them that much-needed job.  People who did not go to college; people who were misplaced in the work force due to downsizing; people who came from the old school when computers were still a thing of the future; and yes, elderly people who are now forced to go out and find work because Social Security is not enough to live on.

 Here began her dream of starting a computer-training program for people in the community who didn’t have the necessary computer knowledge to get them in a better position to excel.  She also wanted to give seminars on topics of interest such as mentoring; dealing with children with behavior problems; single parenting; gang prevention; etc.

  In August of 1996, Dorcas shared her ideas with her parents, Pastor's Garland & Alma Chandler. They thought the idea of a Computer School was excellent, and advised her to start building on this dream.  Bishop Chandler (her father) was the pastor of Truelight Gospel Ministries, and allowed Dorcas to operate out of the church office.  Dorcas moved her computer equipment out of her bedroom, and set it up in the office of Truelight Gospel Ministries.  There she started putting her ideas on paper. 

 At this early stage, Dorcas was not quite sure how to proceed in starting up a computer center, however, God placed people in her path and began showing her how to become a corporation.  X-Cell Community Services, Inc., became incorporated September 24, 1996.

 In November, Dorcas shared her vision with Marti McKeon.  Marti was very inspired by what Dorcas was trying to accomplish, and felt compelled to assist her in making this dream a reality. 

 Dorcas wanted to make sure that a solid foundation was laid for X-Cell, however, later found out that she had to redo some of her corporate filings.  It was truly trial and error, however, she continued, until she got it right.

 In January 1997, Dorcas began selecting her Board of Directors and Advisors.  By February, the Board and Advisors were in place.  She had her first Board Meeting on March 22, 1997 at the Red Roof Inn in San Dimas, California.

  At that time, many ideas and goals were discussed regarding X-Cell.  During this meeting, the Board decided that we would bring it all together by not only offering computer training, but with that training we would provide job development skills and confidence building.  We then adopted the theme “Bringing it all together”.   It was then that Dorcas realized that her dream and passion for the community was shared by her Board and Advisors, and making X-Cell Community Services a reality rested on the shoulders of all who were gathered at that first Board Meeting.

 On April 18, 1997, X-Cell received its 501©3, which allows her to operate as a public support organization.  As a result, many opportunities lie ahead for X-Cell.  We had our first fund-raiser, a Bake Sale, on May 17, 1997 in front of Food 4 Less on the corner of Holt and Indian Hill in Pomona, to open our first bank account.  During the month of April and May Dorcas wrote the computer training manuals (Excel, Word, Basic Computer, and a Typing manual).  Included in these manuals were job development skills, self-development skills and resources.

 In 1997 Dorcas was introduced to a teacher, who would share with the organization ideas of teaching youth to develop basic study skills.  We then launched a pilot program called Operation L.E.A.P. (Literacy Enrichment and Achievement Program) to see if we could make a difference in the lives of youth.  As the program was a great success we continued the program. 

 Our Literacy program was geared to helping children in the surrounding areas ‘Understand the Basics’.  We taught basic reading, writing, math and computer skills to youth ages 7-14.

It’ was not just about computers anymore.  It was about making a positive difference in adults and youth lives in any way that we could. It was about giving people the resources to make a positive difference in their own lives.  It was about people getting on their feet and standing up tall.  It was about helping people “Excel Expectations”.

 With all of our desire, we had one goal: X-Cell Community Services, Inc., want to help meet the needs of the people of our community.

The next stages of my life:

  Life has many different challenges. Some we understand and some we don't. But regardless of the shifting of the wind, we must carry on, and 'Never give up-Never.'

  Dorcas’ Father became stricken with cancer in 2003, forcing her to close down her non-profit computer center.  She came home to aid both parents during this time of transitioning in their lives before they died. 

  As a result she suffered a back injury in the process  of helping  her parents and is no longer able to work her school. Dorcas has no regrets for helping her parents. They were the two most important people in her life.   This is why regardless of the struggle with her health, she still is determined to journey on. 

  Dorcas no longer write computer manuals or teach computer, but she has shifted her focus. In her spare time she is now writing books that will hopefully encourage others.        

  If you decide to purchase a book from this website, Thank you! Also please remember; the most important thing in life besides God, is you family. Love them because they are priceless.

Blessings, Dorcas      

"Never-Give-Up! Never"

Dorcas Dezines

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"Never be afraid of failure: It is the step ladder to success, if you are willing not to quit."

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