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Privacy Policy and Copyright Statement


Dorcas Dezines privacy statement is to demonstrate our firms commitment to privacy issues. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for Our Company.

Dorcas Dezines is committed to your privacy.  Our PRIVACY statement TO YOU: Dorcas Dezines will never sell, exchange, or release any of your individual personal information to a third party without your express permission.

Information we may collect:

Intermittently, we may conduct online surveys or run a promotional, during which, we may ask users for contact information (like email addresses) and demographic information (like zip code, age, or income level). We use contact data to send consumers information about our company. As part of these surveys via email, we will always give you the option of declining to receive information from Dorcas Dezines by always clicking on the remove from email list statement.

Like other web sites, your IP number is visible to us when you visit our web site with our servers, to manage our Web site data and demographics. We may use your sites IP number for marketing purposes to send you information regarding upcoming promotions about our company.  

Payment processing:

All payments made from the payment product page of Dorcas Dezines, are done on a secure webpage to protect your privacy and information. Payment transactions are handled through a secured website named PayPal. Payment information will never be given out by our company to protect your business and transactions.  Dorcas Dezines values your business.

Copyrighting Statement:

All writings and business articles belong to Dorcas C. Chandler who is the author of all material, unless otherwise stated.  The material can not be use or copied in anywise for personal, business or any other use, unless consent from the author: Dorcas C. Chandler you may contact Dorcas Chandler via email at:


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