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"Never Give Up-Never!"


The Luxury of time
Dorcas C. Chandler  ©2000

The words and writing of my Mother
Alma E Chandler


"Mom" she replied, "yes daughter;" "what was it like working back in the nineteen forties?" "Oh child we didnít have all that you all have today.  All of the modern conveniences you all have today, makes it easy.  When I was very young my mother took sick with a deadly disease. My oldest sister Queen and I would have to get up way before day and make a fire for the family.  After we got the fire fixed in the stove we would fix breakfast for our father, pack his lunch and get him off to work.  He would start out walking way before day; his job was around six miles one way. 

Then we would get our other brothers and sisters ready for school, and around six oíclock in the morning... raining or shining we would start walking to work.  My job was around three miles one way. I remember some morning it was so cold. When I would reach my job, I felt like I was frozen.  Never the less, we worked and worked hard, cleaning houses.

We didnít have the opportunity to get an education, like you all have today.  So because of lack of skills, our jobs only paid us two dollars a week. We would work all of the week and when we came home on Friday we would give our father fifty cents of that.

There is no excuse not to do a good job in these days, no excuse.  Just think, you can go right outside and turn on your car and turn on the heat, and let it warm up before you even drive to work, or you can walk right out to the nearest corner and catch the city bus.

So many times today we make excuses for our poor performances.  We place very little value on time.   If we are careless with time it will slip away.  It is important today to recognize the opportunities that we have as Americans and value our jobs and the wages we earn.

Your job may or may not be what you want, but remember that there are many people that would love to trade places with you.  Work is an honor, not a chore.  Many have slept on the streets of our nation, due to loss of employment.  So before we complain think how fortunate we are.

In our culture we are able to go on jobs that have some kind of comfort. Just look around. Iím sure you can find something and understand that we as a people have excess whether lavish, extravagant or just plain simple... Always remember: We have a place that we can call work-and a place we can go to called home."


Dorcas Dezines

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